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Readymade: Marcel Duchamp's Artistic Rebellion

Delve into the world of readymade art, championed by Marcel Duchamp. An exploration of ordinary objects turned extraordinary.
Readymade: Marcel Duchamp's Artistic Rebellion
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Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it.
Ai Weiwei
To be an artist is to believe in life.
Henry Moore


Surreal spaces

Igor Taritaš
by Igor Taritaš
In essence, we can't observe space just as physical form. Space is not ‘just the space’ we live in, created from matter and substance, light and shadow and its harmony. Space, above all, gives life. Space is a being with multiple dimensions. Living in spaces, we become them. Through the deconstruction of space and digital collage, I achieved desired artistic expression of metaphysical space that permeates loneliness, melancholy, uncertainty and transience. I build my spaces by collaging fragments of my paintings and photographs. In several spaces I place figures from famous works of art and place them in a new contemporary context. These are “Gleaners” by J.F. Millet and “Stone Breakers” by G. Courbet.