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Time Transformed: The 37th Youth Salon Unveils Groundbreaking Art at Meštrović Pavilion

May 3, 2024 at 13:58
The 37th Youth Salon at Meštrović Pavilion showcases groundbreaking art under the theme "A Clock Fell into the Well," exploring time with innovative exhibitions and events.

Last week marked the opening of the 37th Youth Salon at the Meštrović Pavilion.

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The Youth Salon, Croatia's premier national exhibition for visual artists under 35, has been a cornerstone of the country's art scene for over half a century. Throughout its existence, it has presented the works of more than 3,500 artists, acting as a vital link between Croatian and international cultural realms. Besides showcasing the latest in artistic trends, the Salon has consistently recognized and rewarded the most noteworthy creations, spotlighting new talents deserving of broader recognition.

This year's 37th edition features the central exhibition "A Clock Fell into the Well" (April 25 - June 16), curated by Lovro Japundžić. It includes pieces from 31 artists who have tackled the theme of time, a challenge posed by the competition brief. In addition, "Situation" (May 22 - June 16), curated by Lore Rajčić and Ivana Završki, displays the work of 23 artists recognized in the last two years, offering pieces that diverge from the central exhibition's tighter focus. "Venientes" (May 17 - May 29), organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, presents 13 standout works from its students. Furthermore, the new initiative, a mini-festival of contemporary art named Takeover, breaks the confines of traditional exhibition spaces to infiltrate various commercial venues. The curatorial team of Kućća, alongside artists Andreja Beštak, Anja Leko, Teuta Gatolin, Gaia Radić, Robert Fenrich, and the ROSE collective, will artistically transform spaces at Agency 404, Infinum LLC, LEAPWISE LLC, Studio 3LHD, and VMD Group.

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"A Clock Fell into the Well" delves into the creative potential unleashed when conventional time constraints are disregarded, introducing an array of new artistic voices and reaffirming the Salon’s role as a catalyst for innovation. According to curator Lovro Japundžić, who spoke at a press preview the day before the opening, the title's well serves as an invitation to explore the myriad perspectives featured in the exhibition. He also detailed the program's additional events, such as the "Great Expectations" seminar on the professionalization of artistic careers and the "Temporalness in Exhibition Practices" symposium, which aims to deepen the exploration of the central exhibition’s theme, "A Clock Fell into the Well."

Fotografije izvor HDLU / Juraj Vuglač