Meta-Stadiums and MeetKai are revolutionizing the world of sports!

December 9, 2023 at 09:16
Meta-Stadiums and MeetKai are transforming sports with a virtual football universe, offering live matches with FIFA teams, unique virtual experiences, and AI-enhanced fan interaction.

Meta-Stadiums and MeetKai are revolutionizing the sports world with a new football experience in a virtual universe. In partnership with a FIFA-licensed match agent, they will enable watching virtual matches with professional clubs and FIFA teams. This collaboration allows fans to experience a virtual stadium district through 3D avatars, using VR glasses, mobile devices, or computer browsers. Meta-Stadiums aims to provide a global space where fans can watch matches, shop, play games, and explore stadiums from their homes.

Meta-Stadiums aims to revolutionize football viewing by offering live virtual matches with 137 leading FIFA teams, featuring a variety of virtual seats from press boxes to VIP skyboxes. The platform will also grant access to an archive of over 5,000 matches. Leveraging MeetKai's AI technology, Meta-Stadiums plans to enhance user experience by enabling the purchase of virtual souvenirs with physical delivery, adding a fun element with gamification and competitions.

Weili Dai, Executive President and Co-founder of MeetKai, emphasized the significance of their partnership with Meta-Stadiums Corp, calling it "an exceptional step towards the evolution of sports entertainment in the digital era." She expressed excitement about the project's global reach, inviting football fans worldwide to experience MeetKai Metaverse's first FIFA experience from their browsers. The integration of NFTs allows fans to collect digital souvenirs. Meta-Stadiums offers various access modes, including free entry and a subscription model. This shift in sports entertainment, driven by advancements in AI and metaverse technology, promises to transform how the global audience experiences their favorite sports in the coming years.