Draftables Founder Pass NFTs Sold Out in Minutes

May 20, 2024 at 11:07
DALL·E 2024-05-20 13.06.59 - A dynamic scene showcasing the excitement of Draftables, a web3 American football-inspired game. The background features a futuristic sports arena wit.webp
Web3 game Draftables recently achieved a significant milestone by selling out its Founder Pass NFTs on Avalanche’s Hyperspace in under 10 minutes.

Draftables, the highly anticipated American football-inspired web3 game, recently achieved a significant milestone by selling out its Founder Pass NFTs on Avalanche’s Hyperspace in under 10 minutes.

Founder Pass NFTs

The Founder Pass NFT series, offered as freebies, sold out within minutes of its launch on Avalanche’s Hyperspace. This rapid sellout highlights the immense excitement and anticipation surrounding the game. As development progresses, holders of these exclusive NFTs will be among the first to experience the game’s full version, set to launch later this year.

Founder Pass NFT holders will enjoy not only the prestige of early access but also a suite of exclusive privileges and benefits. These include entries to future tournaments, unique in-game assets, and the chance to win a high-ranking virtual athlete through the comprehensive benefits package associated with the Founder Pass NFTs. Additionally, holders will receive the $DRFT token, an ERC-20 utility token that will serve as in-game currency across Draft Labs’ range of games.

A Promising Future for Draftables

The demand for Draftables is evident from the swift sellout of its Founder Pass NFTs and the success of its recent closed-alpha tournament. Over 3,000 games were played during the tournament, showcasing the game’s potential and community engagement.

With the game and token launch expected by the end of the year, Draftables is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated web3 games in the market. As the release date approaches, excitement within the crypto gaming and NFT communities continues to grow.

Join the Draftables Community

If you missed out on securing a Founder Pass NFT, there are still opportunities to get involved with Draftables. The game has a thriving community on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, where players can connect and stay updated on the latest news and developments.

Draftables will also be releasing more NFTs in the future, offering fans additional chances to own a piece of this exciting game. As the game continues to evolve, being part of the Draftables community promises many benefits and opportunities.